Why our Founder, Ann, created the Ultimate Luxury Travel Pillow

Why our Founder, Ann, created the Ultimate Luxury Travel Pillow

Snoooze Founder, Ann, used to work in the Fashion industry, and after years of travelling between Fashion weeks and sleeping on lumpy hotel pillows, she decided to find a solution for how to get perfect sleep anywhere. We sit down with our Founder to hear about her simple beauty secrets and how she keeps herself in balance whilst travelling. 
Why did you create the Snoooze Travel Pillow?
Because I always sleep best on my own pillow and no one was doing a proper travel pillow.

What is important when choosing a pillow?
That it gives comfort and support.

What makes Snoooze different?
It's compactible, easy to travel with and its feels just like down.

When do you use your Snoooze Travel Pillow?
Always, when travelling.

Your beauty secret?

Your favourite place?
The West Coast of Denmark
denmark west coast beach

Top travel essentials?

Top tip when on the move/travelling?
Drink lots of water

Bedtime routine?
I have to read for half an hour to switch off!

How do you make sure you sleep well whilst travelling away from home?
luxury travel pillow

Where are you travelling to next?
Copenhagen, to launch the Snoooze Travel Pillow at Illums Bolighus at Kastrup Airport.

What do you take in your carry on bag when flying?
Computer, note book, a scarf.

How do you wind down/de-stress?
Go for a run.

What’s your secret to perfect sleep anywhere?

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