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Home Size Pillow with Travel Bag

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    Snoooze Grand Voyager Pillow • Size: Standard UK Home Size ...

    Snoooze Grand Voyager Pillow

    Size: Standard UK Home Size (50x75 cm),

    weighs only 970g.

    Material: Filled with 100% Ukrainian Goose Down, known for its exceptional insulation and lightweight warmth. The pillow cover is made from soft, breathable cotton.

    Premium Ukrainian Down Fill: Our down provides year-round comfort with its natural ability to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to dense clusters formed in extreme temperatures.

    Packable & Travel-Friendly: Easily rolls up into a compact size of 45x25 cm, accompanied by a water-resistant travel bag with Velcro fastening.

    Medium Firmness: Achieves a perfect balance of support and softness to enhance sleep quality.

    Durable & Moisture-Wicking: Strong down clusters maintain loft over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking properties keep you comfortable all night.

    Easy Care: The pillow is machine washable, simplifying maintenance and ensuring hygiene.

    Ideal For: Travel enthusiasts and homebodies alike who seek unparalleled comfort and convenience in one luxurious pillow.

    Product Details

    Pillow Size: 75cm x 50 cm Weight: Apr. 970 g ...

    Pillow Size: 75cm x 50 cm

    Weight: Apr. 970 g

    Product size rolled up in bag: approx. 45cm x 26 cm

    Pillow: 100%Ukrainian Goose Down

    Pillowcase: matches your home pillowcase

    Pillow bag: Water resistant 100% Polyester

    Care Instruction

    Machine washable at 40°C

    Machine washable at 40°C


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    What our customers say

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    I just LOVE my snoooze pillow

    I just LOVE my snoooze pillow. After I got my first snoooze pillow, it was easy traveling and have a fantastic sleep 😴 and it followers me everywhere. And yes, I got two snoooze pillows 😉 because I use one every night. So now I also bought one for my hole family and they simply love it too


    My lovely travel pillow

    Took my pillow to India in February where pillows are often not fabulous. Really helpful! Recently went to an airbnb in the UK and wished I had remembered my pillow.... I spent a lot of time researching and I'm very glad with my pillow. It is easy to pack, and has a lovely pillow case (I also bought a spare which is helpful) and just big enough to supplement a pillow in an unfamiliar bed and make it comfy to sleep.


    Exactly what I ordered.

    Delivered on time. Good quality exactly what I ordered. A reasonable price, so all in all pleased.


    Quality product

    I use my pillow at home and when away either while travelling or at my destination. I find it much more comfortable than any travel or hotel pillow.