A Go-To Guide To Festivals

A Go-To Guide To Festivals

Summer is finally here and so is the festival season! We’ve compiled the ultimate guide that is your one-way ticket to having the most enjoyable and comfortable time at a Festival, from which ones to go to, how to get there as well as the essentials to pack to make sure your festival experience is one to remember.


Best Festivals in the UK

Glastonbury, Somerset (26-30 June)

Glastonbury Festival needs little to no introduction. It is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and a template for all the festivals that have come after it. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a festival in one astonishing bundle. 

Festival No.6, North Wales (6-9 September)

Taking place in the beautiful village of Portmeirion in North Wales, at Festival No. 6 a whimsical experience set in the most magical costal setting. A multi award-winning music, arts and culture festival, with an eclectic mix of iconic and the best new artists.

Green Man, Wales (16-19 August)

Set among the lush evergreen hills of the Brecon Beacons, Green Man is a favourite among eco-conscious festival-goers who only want to leave an ephemeral mark; thanks to its promise to keep waste and plastic usage to a minimum. But it’s the tried and tested alchemy of music, literature, comedy and performing arts that combine to create it's appeal. 

Hay Festival, Wales (21-31 May)

The Hay Festival of Literature & Arts is an annual literature festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales, for ten days from May to June. An idyllic laid back educational affair, the festival was described by Bill Clinton in 2001 as "The Woodstock of the mind". 

Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall (25-28 July) 

One of the highlights of the Cornish summer, the brilliant Port Eliot Festival attracts an abundance of writers, musicians, thinkers and doers to the South West, and for good reason to one of the most beautiful corners of the country.
festival no 6 snoooze

Packing Essentials

Hand Sanitiser

aesop hand sanitiser
Festivals lack cleanliness a lot of the time! Long queues for loo's, no hand wash and even a day or two without showers! Aesop's Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Sanitiser smells delicious and keeps you feeling fresh during those long weekend festivals.


stutterheim raincoat
Be prepared for all weather but don't compromise your style! Swedish brand Stutterheim has you covered with their Stockholm Skyway Raincoat.

Water Bottle

festival essential water bottle swell
Hydation is key to keep you energised all day (and night!) at a festival, so make sure you stay plastic free with a Swell Bottle.


festival essentials ren suncream
Be prepared for being in the sunshine all day at a festival. Ren's latest environmentally friendly / all natural Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 suncream is our top pick for this summer.

Loo Roll

festival essentials who gives a crap loo roll
Any veteran festival goers know of the bathroom situation and that no festival luggage is complete without your own personal loo roll supply. Add Who Gives A Crap loo roll to your list to avoid any awkward moments.

A Pillow!

festival essentials luxury travel pillow snoooze 
Festival sleep isn't the best you'll get but it can certainly be improved by bringing a Snoooze Travel Pillow, giving you that comfort of your own bed at home with its down like feel. (We're also packing an eye mask and earplugs!)

How to get there

Great you've booked your festival, you're all packed, but how do you get yourself there with all your kit too! Festival websites usually have information on how to get to the festival grounds, but while we’re at it, here are some tips on travelling to the festivals.

By Car

Most festivals will have the option to park at the festival but can usually be more costly as you pay for a car park ticket. Fill your car (with people and kit to spread the cost!) and remember don't leave valuables in sight in the car. It's definitely worth checking what you can and can't bring into a festival and sometimes there are car checks.

By Train

Check the festival website for the best station to travel to and get your train tickets in advance.  Most festivals will have a transfer from the train station to the festival grounds so life is made easy for you!

By Bus

Some festivals have bus transports available from the bigger cities to the festival grounds, and sometimes are even included in certain ticket prices. These will sell out though so definitely worth sorting out your transport in advance whatever way you're travelling. 

 glastonbury festival snoooze guide

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