I just LOVE my snoooze pillow

I just LOVE my snoooze pillow. After I got my first snoooze pillow, it was easy traveling and have a fantastic sleep 😴 and it followers me everywhere. And yes, I got two snoooze pillows 😉 because I use one every night. So now I also bought one for my hole family and they simply love it too

Randi Askjær

My lovely travel pillow

Took my pillow to India in February where pillows are often not fabulous. Really helpful! Recently went to an airbnb in the UK and wished I had remembered my pillow.... I spent a lot of time researching and I'm very glad with my pillow. It is easy to pack, and has a lovely pillow case (I also bought a spare which is helpful) and just big enough to supplement a pillow in an unfamiliar bed and make it comfy to sleep.

Naomi Craft

Exactly what I ordered.

Delivered on time. Good quality exactly what I ordered. A reasonable price, so all in all pleased.

Mr Wilde

Quality product

I use my pillow at home and when away either while travelling or at my destination. I find it much more comfortable than any travel or hotel pillow.

Mike Nash

Extremely comfortable travel pillows

Extremely comfortable travel pillows. Perfect for those who like to bring their own pillows on journeys. Can’t recommend this product enough.


The BEST ! My whole family have a Snooze pillow…

My whole family have a Snooze pillow and we all love them. Great for in the car, on a plane and wherever we are staying. Such a great product and lovely to be sleeping on a clean hygienic product in these difficult times.

Stephanie Shepherd

Excellent Travel Pillows

Our whole family loves the Snoooze pillows. The kids bring them on the plane and in the car. I love that we all have our own pillows which is more hygienic and safer. We definitely all sleep better when staying over somewhere.

Nadia K

For travel or for home!

Bought the pillow for travel but now use it all the time! It’s a winner- buy it now - thank me later.


I love the Snooze travel pillow

I love the Snooze travel pillow! I’ve always struggled with traditional travel pillows, either being too soft or hard, and I end up hurting my neck. When I took the Snooze pillow on a long-haul flight, I slept so comfortably!! I also love that you can wash the pillow cover and pillow case, as that’s not always a possibility with other types of travel pillows. Really happy with it 😊


The Snoooze pillow has become part of my survival kit!

I bought Snoooze pillows for the whole family and I can honestly say we couldn’t do without them. Obviously with the pandemic this year, we are even more aware of hygiene so having the pillow with you on the go is crucial whether staying in hotels, traveling on flights or even doing yoga. The quality is fantastic and it’s easy to pack away in its travel bag. You can even buy additional pillow cases in lovely muted colours. Love it!


I cannot travel without Snoooze travel…

I cannot travel without Snoooze travel pillow - gone is the stiff neck caused by flat airplane pillow and uncomfortable high hotel pillow. Great comfort and fantastic concept.

Bo Sjøgreen

The product quality is just great

The product quality is just great. So glad to have this product when travelling in hotels since having it. It’s comforting knowing you have your own clean pillow. So easy to transport. I had a hospital stay recently and it was great to have with me. I wouldn’t feel happy travelling without it now.

Kate Mark

My Snoooze pillow changed my sleep quality when travelling !

I got my Snoooze pillow after years of travelling to hotels with bad quality pillows causing neck pain and a bad nights sleep. I am so pleased with my pillow, it’s such great quality and so easy to travel with, I also feel much more comfortable from a hygiene perspective. Snoooze world is a fab company with great values, I really recommend !

Rosie Mark

I have neck issues so when leaving my…

I have neck issues so when leaving my own bed for even one night I always bring my snooze to give me that extra support my neck or my legs need to get a good night’s sleep. With covid it’s also very hygienic. It’s excellent quality and easy to travel with. Can highly recommend it.

Ms Sharp

Changed my travelling experience

Buying my new pillow has changed my travelling experience, I am now confident of a comfortable nights sleep without neck pain anymore. Comfort of your own pillow is a game changer for me. Quick delivery too thank you snoozeworld, a great quality product in a transportable case.

Rachel Hill

I travel a lot for work and I can't be…

I travel a lot for work and I can't be without my new mini pillow now. So convenient, comfortable and also hygienic. Fantastic quality, highly recommended.

Rebecca U