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Chamomile Tea Herbal,15 Bags

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    The main active compound in chamomile is apigenin, an antioxidant found in abundance in chamomile.

    Apigenin binds to certain receptors in your brain, which may decrease anxiety and induce sleep.

    Thus, chamomile tea may help improve sleep quality in the following ways:

    1. Reducing anxiety: The apigenin in chamomile can help decrease anxiety levels and promote relaxation, facilitating falling asleep.

    2. Improving sleep quality: Chamomile tea can contribute to a deep and peaceful sleep. It can help improve overall sleep quality and sleep duration.

    3. Combating insomnia: Some studies suggest that regular consumption of chamomile tea may help individuals with insomnia sleep better.

    Product Description

    Experience tranquility with our Chamomile Sleep-Enhancement Tea.This caffeine-free blend offers a sweet, apple-honey aroma known for supporting healthy sleep.

    Each compostable tea bag contains our finest chamomile leaves for a full-bodied flavor. Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with our natural, delicious, and environmentally-friendly chamomile tea.

    Please consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you have a health condition or are taking medication.

    Founders Note

    This chamomile tea is not just about promoting a good night's sleep, but also about providing a moment of peace and relaxation.

    And with our focus on environmentally-friendly packaging, you can enjoy it knowing that we're taking care of our planet as well as our customers.

    Tea bags and string are made from a material called SOILON, a natural, plant-based material derived from cornstarch, while the tag is made from paper.

    Finally the whole thing is sealed using heat - so no plastic to speak of. That means each tea bag in its entirety is fully compostable and in the right conditions will break down into just CO2 and water.

    Thank you for choosing our tea.

    We hope it brings many peaceful nights and moments of tranquility.

    Product Details

    Product Name: CHAMOMILE - tea bags- Herbal Sleep-Enhancement Tea

    Ingredients: 100% chamomile flowers

    Flavor Profile: Fresh, sweet cup with hints of apple and honey

    Caffeine Content: None

    Health Benefits: Promotes calmness, reduces stress, supports healthy sleep

    Product Form: Tea bags

    Quantity: 15 tea bags per box

    Packaging: 100% compostable tea bags, biodegradable inner Natureflex bag, 100% recyclable outer cardboard box

    Suggested Use: Ideal for consumption before bedtime to promote quality sleep

    Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

    Country of Origin: based in London

    Care Instruction

    Storage: Keep the chamomile tea bags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its flavor and aroma. The packaging is designed to protect the tea leaves, but excessive humidity or heat can degrade the quality over time.

    Best Before Date: Check the "best before" date on the packaging to ensure you're getting the freshest tea possible. Even though dried tea leaves have a long shelf life, it's best to consume them before this date for optimal taste and effectiveness.

    Brewing: Use freshly boiled water to brew your chamomile tea. Allow the tea bag to steep for at least 5-10 minutes to let the flavors fully develop. For a stronger cup, you can let it steep a bit longer.

    Consumption: To take full advantage of chamomile tea's sleep-promoting benefits, consider drinking a cup about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. Avoid adding too much sugar or sweeteners, as these can interfere with sleep.

    Recycling: Remember to compost the tea bag after use and recycle the outer cardboard box.


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