Why the Snoooze pillow is the perfect travel companion

Why the Snoooze pillow is the perfect travel companion

The revolutionary New Snoooze travel pillow was created by Danish Designer Ann Sjøgreen Sanger after many years of suffering poor quality sleep on uncomfortable hotel pillows. She decided to create a pillow which was bouncy and soft, easy to carry and would give the traveller that comfort, smell and hygiene you only get from travelling with your own pillow.

The Snoooze pillow was developed with the help of scientists, sleep experts and leading UK manufacturers to create a travel pillow that creates a sense of home away from home. The pillow has been designed with a special zip feature which allows the pillow to be compressible, so it takes less space in a bag or suitcase, but also expands once unzipped and fluffed up. The Snoooze pillow feels like down and provides great comfort and support. 

This makes the Snoooze pillow the perfect travel companion! Just zip it up, roll up, pop it into your luggage and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep!




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