Crafted with Norwegian heritage

Crafted with Norwegian heritage

The new Snoooze travel pillow has been developed by Danish designer Ann Sjogreen Sanger in collaboration with the help of scientists, sleep experts and leading British manufactures. 

But you might be surprised to know that the ultimate luxurious travel pillow has been manufactured with traditions and craftsmanship originating from Norway. 

Business man Jacob Michael Breien borrowed money to set up a factory in Oslo in 1855, specialising in the mechanised production of waddings from recycled cotton and wool, for mattresses, pillows, clothing and upholstery.

The company evolved and twenty years later, in 1889, the Oslo business produced their first generation of sleeping bags– reindeer hair and kapok were the original fillings. At the start of the following decade the name Ajungilak was given to their newest range of sleeping bags – the term is an Inuit word meaning ‘warm greeting’ or ‘comfort’.  The comfort element was further enhanced in 1963 with the purchase of an old wool factory which saw a move into the production of down and feather sleeping bags and later into bedding generally.

Fuglesangs & Sønner by Akerselva, Oslo, Norway

Early 20h century, the factory was now situated in the heart of Oslo by the river, Akerselva. 

In 1973 the company established its first branch in England and by late 21st century the company was entirely British. Nevertheless, we value the history and the craftsman tradition from 1855, that goes into every Snoooze travel pillow, for perfect sleep anywhere. 

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