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Nomad’s Haven Goose Down Travel Duvet

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Introducing the Nomad’s Haven Duvet – Your Essential Companion for ...

Introducing the Nomad’s Haven Duvet – Your Essential Companion for Comfort Anywhere

Key Features:

  • Pure Luxury: Filled exclusively with 100% Ukrainian Goose Down, not a feather in sight. This ensures the duvet is both extraordinarily lightweight at just 580g and exceptionally warm, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking the ultimate in comfort without the bulk.

  • Compact & Versatile: Designed with the traveler in mind, this duvet effortlessly compresses into a cozy, pillow-shaped case made from synthetic black fiber that is as chic as it is practical.

  • Dimensions & Portability: Measuring 130 x 200 cm, the duvet offers generous coverage while remaining easy to fold and carry, making it indispensable for travel and home use alike.

  • Durable Synthetic Cover: The duvet is encased in a durable, down-proof synthetic fabric that not only protects the delicate down but also adds a touch of coziness to your travel and home settings.

  • Washable for Easy Care: Simple to maintain, the entire duvet is machine washable, ensuring it remains fresh and clean, ready for your next adventure or cozy night in.

Ideal for Every Scenario: Whether catching a flight, camping under the stars, or just lounging at home, the Nomad’s Haven Duvet brings the warmth and comfort of home along with you.


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I just LOVE my snoooze pillow

I just LOVE my snoooze pillow. After I got my first snoooze pillow, it was easy traveling and have a fantastic sleep 😴 and it followers me everywhere. And yes, I got two snoooze pillows 😉 because I use one every night. So now I also bought one for my hole family and they simply love it too


My lovely travel pillow

Took my pillow to India in February where pillows are often not fabulous. Really helpful! Recently went to an airbnb in the UK and wished I had remembered my pillow.... I spent a lot of time researching and I'm very glad with my pillow. It is easy to pack, and has a lovely pillow case (I also bought a spare which is helpful) and just big enough to supplement a pillow in an unfamiliar bed and make it comfy to sleep.


Exactly what I ordered.

Delivered on time. Good quality exactly what I ordered. A reasonable price, so all in all pleased.


Quality product

I use my pillow at home and when away either while travelling or at my destination. I find it much more comfortable than any travel or hotel pillow.