How to get a better night's sleep while travelling

How to get a better night's sleep while travelling

Are you looking for advice on how to get a better night's sleep while travelling? You are not alone. For many there's no place like home when it comes to sleep.

According to surveys, most frequent travellers prefer their bedroom even over a quality hotel room, with the majority saying their home pillows are better. 

Getting some rest on planes can be even more of a challenge, with the noise, light and cramped seating. Especially when flying long-haul. To avoid spending the first 36 hours to recover after your flight, you should really get some quality sleep onboard the plane. 

Taking into consideration that the ideal sleep environment is cool, quiet, and dark, a new and unfamiliar environment can be a challenge. It is also what you are used to, like the firmness and comfort of your pillow, that can play into how much sleep you will get.

With all of this in mind we thought we would share our best advice on how to get better sleep while travelling. 


On the plane

Choose your seat wisely. Go by what's recommended by

Wear loose and comfortable clothing. 

Avoid caffein and alcohol. Eat light and little.

Avoid screens and try listening to calming music instead. 

Wear noise-cancellation headphones or earplugs. 

Wear a sleep mask for darkness. 

Stay buckled up, with the seat belt visible. 

Go to sleep, with the Snoooze travel pillow.  


At the hotel 

Try to make the room feel as much like home as possible.

Keep the same bedtime routine as you have at home. 

Bring a calming candle, room- or pillow spray. 

Use earplugs and a sleep-mask to block out unknown sounds and light. 

Go to sleep, with the Snoooze travel pillow, offering home-from-home comfort. 


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